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April 28, 2013 Pickup

Moved last weekend so we have been busy packing and unpacking. As of now we are mostly unpacked in the new place and good to go. The usual routine however for finding games was disrupted, we did manage to make it out some this weekend. Back on Monday we went out to recover from the weekend a little, during this trip I picked up Paperboy 2 for Snes and The Guardian Legend on NES.


We did make it out like normal on saturday, but all I picked up was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3ds. Our friend also brought over some games we all got from a member of Nintendoage. My Haul was Japanese versions of Wipeout and King of Fighters for Sega Saturn and Pac-Man for Neo Geo Pocket Color. 

Yesterday amid visiting Krispy Kreme for a buy a dozen get a free dozen sale, the girlfriend being jealous wanted to stop and pick up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for herself. So we headed back on over to one of our normal stops, the worker tells us about all all the CIB Snes games and in box consoles some collector traded in to fund his modern gaming (what an idiot, old games are better). There was a nice collection of games. even a Snes in box, a superscope in box, an green n64 in box, virtual boy in box, that collector got like $1000 in store credit.  We spent almost an hour looking at and drooling over all the minty goodness. I managed to only walk away with two items myself. The first was Evolution: The World of Sacred Device for Dreamcast.


After that it got expensive for me, I just could not bring it upon myself to walk away without this one. Metal Warriors for Snes CIB for $300. I had to have this, thank god for credit cards right, I have been playing a rom of it for years and it’s a very amazing game. I definitively now have an answer for “what is the most expensive game you own?” 

Has Blockbuster markings and stickers on it but anyways, drool over it with me…..


April 14, 2013 Pickup

Once again we weren’t able to make it out yesterday (our regularly scheduled program will resume next week), I knew this was coming so instead we planned to go to Lincoln with our friend to check out some places. Both flea markets we looked up were no longer in operation, which is sad because there are no flea markets here in Nebraska then. Tried going to an antique place, but it was not open yet, so we wandered around a Best Buy and a Gamers where I picked up Smash TV and Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Then in another case I found Bible Adventure and Wally bear and the No! Gang. Super excited for a great find even though most of our road trip was a bust so far.

So we moved on to some of the game stores we looked up and a few antique places.  The antique places were all busts, and the first location of another game store was a bust as well. Downtown we went to a place I knew about called Ivanna Cone, great ice cream place downtown in the Haymarket. After we went on to one more antique place which turned out to be like three in a strip mall, all busts but had some cool stuff. At the last game store was one last find which made the whole trip even better. I picked up Paperboy, Super Pitfall, Bart vs the Space Mutants, Fatal Fury 2 for Snes, a Blockbuster ’98 cheats book, and what I’m probably most excited about……Demon’s Crest for Snes.

Overall, it was a very awesome road trip we will have to make again when we have more money. Although I wish there were actually some flea markets here.

April 7, 2013 Pickup

So we didn’t make it out yesterday, personal reason, but we sort of made it out today to some non-regular stops. I picked up a few things, but nothing special.

Tag Team Wrestling for NES.

Pokemon Snap and Superman, with that I now own both ET and Superman the two worst (according to the internet) games ever made.

Also managed to grab Street Fighter Monopoly for $20, from the clearance section of Barnes & Noble. I had a good weekend overall.

April 3, 2013 Pickup

Every Wednesday Night we go to Dungeons & Dragons Encounters, well kind of encounters, we turned it into a home game since it was always the same people showing up and continuously playing levels 1-2 was boring, we are now at level 23. We also go to wonderful A+ Buffet in Milliard every Wednesday before gaming.

Between all of this we like to walk around the Mall or Bookstore or local game stores to kill some time. I had my in-store credit from last weeks find I dropped of at a different Gamers Saturday. So at the Milliard Gamers I looked around and I really couldn’t find much I wanted, but I picked up ‘Street Fighter II’ for Game Boy and ‘A Boy and His Blob Trouble in Blobolonia’ for NES.

I also Went to Gamestop last night to preorder Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag to get the poster (which I got), and picked up Fable 3 and BlazBlue Calamity Trigger from the bargain bin.

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