April 14, 2013 Pickup

Once again we weren’t able to make it out yesterday (our regularly scheduled program will resume next week), I knew this was coming so instead we planned to go to Lincoln with our friend to check out some places. Both flea markets we looked up were no longer in operation, which is sad because there are no flea markets here in Nebraska then. Tried going to an antique place, but it was not open yet, so we wandered around a Best Buy and a Gamers where I picked up Smash TV and Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Then in another case I found Bible Adventure and Wally bear and the No! Gang. Super excited for a great find even though most of our road trip was a bust so far.

So we moved on to some of the game stores we looked up and a few antique places.  The antique places were all busts, and the first location of another game store was a bust as well. Downtown we went to a place I knew about called Ivanna Cone, great ice cream place downtown in the Haymarket. After we went on to one more antique place which turned out to be like three in a strip mall, all busts but had some cool stuff. At the last game store was one last find which made the whole trip even better. I picked up Paperboy, Super Pitfall, Bart vs the Space Mutants, Fatal Fury 2 for Snes, a Blockbuster ’98 cheats book, and what I’m probably most excited about……Demon’s Crest for Snes.

Overall, it was a very awesome road trip we will have to make again when we have more money. Although I wish there were actually some flea markets here.


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