Collecting Pause, Pokemon Firered Nuzlocke

I haven’t been able to buy anything in a while. I got Animal Crossing 3ds as a gift, but that’s it. I’m too poor. I need a job.

In the meantime, I think i’ll keep an update record of my Pokemon Firered Nuzlocke run I started Yesterday.

Day 1:

Kuro began his Journey to become a Pokemon Master. Starting with a female Charmander he named “Rathian”. He immediately kicked his rival “Douche’s” ass. Heading to Viridian city encountering many Pokemon, no Poke balls yet so I guess I get nothing on Route 1. Heading on over to route 22 first encounter is a Spearow, Captured and named “Quropeco”. Leveled both up to 12 and once again kicked Douche’s butt.

Day 2:

Moving on up to Route 2, first encounter is a Weedle that gets to be named “Vespoid”. Heading into Viridian Forest, First Encounter was a Caterpie I named “Bnahabra” (if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m so far themeing names of Monster Hunter monsters). Making it through Viridian Forest I stop at the other end of Route 2 to level everyone up some for the upcoming first gym battle. So far everyone is 13. Caterpie is now Butterfree and Weedle is now Beedrill.


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