Fire Red Nuzlocke Part 2

Day 3:

First stop, Pewter City Gym, oh right only one lackey this time…..SMASHED.
HOWEVER…..My team is Charmander, Spearow, Beedrill, Butterfree. Nothing special to kick Brock’s butt with. The only way I’m going to be able to survive is by Leveling…..extensively.

Day 4:

Leveling. (see above, might take a few days, I don’t like leveling but it needs to be done in order to continue. Will probably just stop counting days until then)

Day 5:

With Charmander at level 16 and Butterfree at 15, I was tired of leveling (I get bored of it easily). Thankfully Butterfree , after smashing Brock’s Geodude, Stun Spore and random confused status from confusion made short work of Brock’s Onix.

On the way to mount moon another Spearow was added to the party. I don’t have a team of 6 yet, so it will be kept in the party for now and leveled up. Standing at the door to Mt. Moon


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