Fire Red Nuzlocke Part 3

Day 6:

Kut-ku(Spearow) is leveled up to the rest of the party at 16. Time to take a few steps into Mt. Moon, oh look a Zubat. No surprise there, Name….Remobra, and back outside to level you up. Busy today with D&D so that’s it.

By the way. this it the party at the moment. Rathian(Charmeleon), Quropeco(Spearow), Vespoid(Beedrill), Bnahabra(Butterfree), Kut-Ku(Spearow), and Remobra(Zubat).

Some Guy in the Pokemon Center here at the foot wants  Pokémon Dollar500 for a Magikarp. I may not have many Pokemon, but even I know that’s a bad deal. I will wait to get a water type later on, I’m no sucker.

Day 7:

Began my way through Mt. Moon. Relatively uneventful. Team rocket took hold of absolutely nothing and I kicked their sorry butts on a whim. Some archaeologist near the end gave me a Dome Fossil.

On Route 4, on the other side of Mt. Moon I managed to catch an Ekans, I named it Caedeus and it was transferred to my Bench.

Now entering Cerulean City, I hear the Second Gym is here. Also, there is a Bike Shop here, I could buy one if the Lunatic wasn’t asking  Pokémon Dollar1,000,000 for one. Note: May consider stealing one later on.

Day 8:

Heading north, Rival Douche, oh hell no. No, no, no, you go away. Haven’t you learned your lesson yet, well, lets go. Pidgeotto, took both Spearow’s to drop him, almost lost one. Rattata,  2 shot-ed by Butterfree. Squirtle, confused and helped kill itself. Abra? who uses an Abra, it has no attacks yet. Douche, you are a loser. Whine all you want. Smashed, Ignored, and moving on up the bridge. Oh god, everyone on this bridge wants to battle, and none of them are any good. Oh a free gold nugget, this was a challenge? Oh, you’re a Team Rocket group and you want me to join? As much as I want to, I work alone and stay away from loser groups. You’re going down harder than the five before you.

Route 24 first encounter is an lvl 14 Oddish, and captured. This will be useful for the Water Gym, I will replace one of the two Spearow’s and level him up. Nicknamed ‘Dosbiscus’.  Quropeco the Spearow goes to the box.

Route 25 first encounter is Abra. Teleported away after failed Poke ball attempt.

A House on the cape? Ah! A TALKING JIGGLYPUFF! Oh, your a scientist who screwed up with a teleporter. Question, we could become rich if you stay that way…..No? okay fine.

Go to a Gala on the SS Anne for you because you hate parties? wow you really are a nerd. Fine, if I make it on time I will. But I’m going to Cerulean Gym first.


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