July 21, 2013 Pickup

We met with a friend we made who works at one of weekly stops. We took him to our normal places, and he showed us his (none of which I will reveal because who wants competition). At our regular places I picked up a few things. what every one else found has always and will always be up to them to post. I link to all their blogs, but they don’t do finds like me. At our first stop I picked up the neat little DS key chain that actually holds four DS games, I saw it last weekend and wished I had picked it up then. At our other normal stop I picked up the NES satellite and the game covers, this is the first time they had the NES side of the receiver.

At our game store friends stops I almost picked up Bee 52 for NES, but Futzed around not knowing what we’d find at his other stops. I found nothing else and kind of regret not grabbing it then. I may go back someday, that was a good stop even for just commons to fill out my meager collection.


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