Fire Red Nuzlocke Part 4

Day 9:

Leveled Dosbiscus (Oddish) up to 21 evolving him to Gloom, Zubat to 21, and everyone else to 20. Then challenged Misty. Dosbiscus completely obliterated Misty. Cascade Badge obtained. Guess I’ll go south and check out that party Bill told me about.  Oh look, this rocket member stole someone’s Dig TM, guess I’ll teach him a lesson…..Thanks, it’s my TM now. Moving South, Route 5… Ooooo a Pidgey, nicknamed ‘YianGaruga’ and to the bench with you.

There appears to be a Day Care for Pokemon here, I have no use for you right now so goodbye until later sir. The road is closed, what BS is this I need to get south how am I supposed to do that now…… oh underground tunnel. What, is Saffron such a horrible place that people want to bypass it completely? oh well, lucky me or I’d be stuck for now.

Route 6, Another Pidgey, nicknamed ‘Gypceros’ and to the bench with you.

Ah, Vermilion  City, lets take a look around shall we. Hello sir… do I like to fish… well sure why not… oh, thank you for the fishing rod. Next, a Pokemon Fan Club, man this chairman talks forever just rambling on, oh a bicycle ticket… shouldn’t this be worth a lot of money? Diglett Tunnel eh, lets see where this goes….oh look a Diglett no surprise, nicknamed ‘Diablos’ and to bench for now until I can go switch out for you. Oh, Vermilion Forest is  where this leads, hm, a tree blocks my way I will have to come back later. I shall Return to Vermilion then. Oh sweet, Remobra(Zubat) evolved into Golbat on the way back.

Alright, one last thing I want to do today, might as well catch one last thing for awhile. Route 11, aw another Ekans, I’m getting tired of repeats. Oh well, nicknamed ‘Lagiacrus’ and to the box with thee. Back to the Poke Center, switch Kut-Ku for Diablos, and tomorrow I shall level him to party level.

Day 10:

Diablos is leveled up, cleaned up all the trainers on Route 11, time to head over to that party on the SS Anne. Wait on damn minute, this is no party this is a battle fest, everyone here wants to fight, their mistake. Son of a Douche, even he is here, well I’ll just clean his clock once again and teach him to leave me the hell alone, then I’m going to go have a word with the captain of this dinghy.  A sea-sick old man, what captain of a boat gets sea-sick, at least this loser gave me the cut HM. I’m outta here.

Day 11:

I’m told the third gym is here. Let’s go do that next….Surge is probably the lamest gym leader so far, all of his Pokemon each one shot by Diablos. Whelp, done here so back to Cerulean to get me a free bicycle, why are these things so expensive otherwise. Moving on, Route 9 yet another Ekans nicknamed ‘Agnaktor’ and benched. Route 10, yet another Spearow, it fainted…whoop dee do, I don’t even care anymore I’m getting so many repeats of the same few Pokemon. Looks like Rock Tunnel is the only route that will let me move forward, and first encounter is a Geodude, finally something new…caught. Nicknamed Basarios and benched. Made it through Rock Tunnel fairly easy enough, let a guy teach Rathian rock slide. What’s this, nothing to do in Lavender Town right now? That’s okay, this place is creepy lame and I hear I can get to Celadon soon. Route 8, another Pidgey, nicknamed ‘Khezu’ and benched. Through the bike tunnel and Route 7, a Meowth nicknamed ‘Nargacuga’ and benched. Welcome to Celadon, time to do some shopping, this also seems like a great place to spend a few days resting.


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  1. I find the older the games the harder the nuzlocke. Good on you. :)

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