August 3, 2013 Pickup

Very simple grab today, two games on NES I knew nothing about and was very pleasantly surprised with.

First one is “Athena”, seems very simple. Even the label says “Japans Top Arcade Hit” I spent about five minutes with it, a girl who I can only assume is ‘Athena’ runs around killing monsters. It is basically a side scrolling beat em up plat former, you run along beating up monsters and they drop weapons so you can kill them faster. That’s as much as I got.  I will spend more time with it later to see if it goes deeper than this.

The Second one is “Journey to Silius”. The story is apparently about a boy, who’s father has been  killed, who receives a message (on a floppy disk) to finish his fathers work, so he sets out. The game is a side scrolling shoot em up, where as far as we played (somewhere in level 2) the enemies are all robots. My friend, The Obsessive Compulsive Gamer, called this game “The game does Terminator better than the Terminator game”. The box/label art is basically a screenshot from level 1. We were very impressed with both the graphic and sound work in this game. The overall quality is just what you would expect from a Sunsoft game.


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