Fire Red Nuzlocke Part 5

Day 12:

Alright, lets see what Celadon has to offer. Lets check out the housing here, large apartment building… nice rooms…decent people…’Free’ Eevee (nicknamed ‘Barioth’)… and moving on. Oh look, a large department store, definitely shopping time. Junky TM’s here, oh well at least there’s an evolution stone section, I need a few of these.  Vending Machines, yes, time to stock up on some sweet sweet soda pop. Next up, Looks like the grass gym is here, now this one will be easy, time to shine Rathian and those many many duplicate birds. Erika’s Grass Gym is now burned to the ground.

I hear there is a casino they allow minor’s into, how irresponsible. Oh it’s run by those team rocket loser’s, time to mess up there hideout and make them look stupid. Damn, I lost Diablos to a koffing’s self destruct, wrong guy Team Rocket wrong guy. Returning to the Poke center to deposit Diablos into the deceased box and retrieve Barioth to fill the empty slot. I’m also going to use a water stone to make Barioth into Vaporeon. Vaporeon will also receive the Water Pulse TM received from Misty.

Day 13:

Trained up and finished wrecking this Team Rocket hideout, beat the shit out of some guy named Giovanni, idiot left me a sylph scope. I guess it lets me see ghosts or something, so detour back to Lavender. Inside Pokemon Tower, guess who shows up, none other than that jerk Douche, he was weaker than any other time before, why won’t he leave me alone. Man, all these channeler’s are possessed, they really shouldn’t mess with ghosts if they don’t know what they are doing, serves em right. Are you kidding me, Team Rocket is here too….when will these guys learn I’m taking over Kanto, get out of here you losers. I received a Pokemon Flute from the guy in charge, kinda neat I guess, wakes up Pokemon, but then again I’m no musician so any instrument would do that in my hands. Anyways I hear Team Rocket is holed up in Sylph Co Headquarters, so I’m going to check that out. You dumb scientists, why are you fighting me, I’m here to help you, guess we know who the moles are.

Man, I lost Bnahabra to a Magneton, thanks a lot, Guess it was to be expected, Rathian went paralyzed and low HP, and the rest of my team is pretty much flying thanks to numerous repeats. I’m going to get Basarios (Geodude) out of the box to fill Bnahabra’s hole, should have gotten him out sooner. Now is the fun task of leveling him up to party level.

Day 14:

 With Basarios leveled up, and a Snorlax named ‘Arzuros’ caught and boxed, back to Sylph Co I go. Everything seems to be going better than last time, Sylph Co is almost cleared now. Damn, another one lost to a wheezing explosion, Dosbiscus this time. Whelp, slot filled with Goa Magara, time to train him up to level, Then train everyone to be ready for the end of Sylph Co. It’s okay, I was thinking of switching out Dosbiscus anyways, just sucks to not have him available for later.


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