Fire Red Nuzlocke Part 6

Day 15:

Alright, everyone is leveled up, time to go finish off Sylph Co. What the hell are you doing here Douche? Haven’t you learned you lesson yet, time to whoop your ass yet again. Ok, that loser’s taken care of, now onto save the Sylph Co President. Some random guy is giving me a Lapras, it gets names ‘Epioth’ and is transferred to the bench. Are you kidding me, a random Rocket grunt in between Douche and the Rocket Leader? I just trashed 9 floors of your buddies plus Douche, and you’re going to stand in my way? just don’t regret it, although I’m sure you already do. Well hello there again Giovanni, are you tired of me making your team look bad yet? Well, I’m here to kick your butt again. With Giovanni’s butt kicked and retreated in fear, the president of Sylph Co gives me a Master Ball and my work here is done.

Now it appears Saffron has two gyms, Lets go take a look. I think I will start with the one on the left, which appears to be a fighting dojo. Well, four members and the leader defeated easy enough by Goa Magara. They gave me a Hitmonlee I named ‘Cha-Cha’ and sent to the bench. That gym was fairly disappointing, lets go check out the other one. This one appears to be a psychic gym with warp tiles leading everywhere. Oh no, whatever will I do…..3 different Pokemon with ‘bite’ and the rest having high special attack. Yeah, Sabrina went down hard, this gym was also a disappointment. Well, thanks for the badge anyways, the other gym didn’t even give me that. I believe that is all Saffron has to offer.

Day 16:

After Sylph Co, all these random trainers are a cakewalk. Route 17  aka Cycling Road first encounter, another Spearow. Named ‘Hypnoc’ and added to the Spearow/Pidgey fodder/expendable pile. Route 18, another Spearow, nicknamed ‘Kushala’. Route 12 encounter is a Horsea, nicknamed ‘Plesioth’ and benched. Route 13 encounter is an Oddish, ah good a replacement for the other one if I need it, nicknamed ‘Altaroth’ and benched. Route 14 encounter is a Venonat, nicknamed ‘Thunderbug’ and benched. Route 15 encounter is another Venonat, nicknamed ‘Hornetaur’ and benched. What a ridiculously busy trip South this has been.

Welcome to Fuchsia City.

Day 17:

Alright, Fuchsia City, what do you hold for me? You hold the Safari Zone, first encounter Nidorino, nicknamed ‘Lagombi’ and benched. So I found a set of gold teeth someone lost, I hear they belong to the warden, what idiot loses his teeth? Hm, if you get far enough in they give you the HM for surf, that’s useful. Well, I picked up all the items people lost, guess they are mine now but I really don’t want these teeth so I guess I’ll return those. The Safari Zone warden gave me the HM for strength for returning his teeth, maybe I’ll start calling Fuchsia ‘HM City’ since they seem to hand out HM’s like candy here. Look’s like they also have a gym, the Poison Gym run by Koga. This is actually Gym number 5, since I’ve already done the 6th gym, this one was no problem.

So I flew up to the old abandoned power plant, but as suspected there really wasn’t anything of any value there. Time to move on, all that’s left is to swim south of Fuchsia and head towards Cinnabar Island. Good thing I just got the surf HM and can just ride Barioth, I do hear I need to go through a cave on the way, aren’t we done with cave’s yet?


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