August 17, 2013 Pickup

For starters, I bought a NES Four Score today. First I’ve seen of it and it looks better than the Satellite, mainly because it’s not wireless and doesn’t use four ‘C’ batteries.

Secondly, I got hired for a new job this week, training starts Tuesday, so I bought myself a ‘I got hired’ present. I know that’s a lame excuse, whatever I do what I want. I’m super excited I will be getting paid now, these pickups should start increasing in number of items. Anyways, I grabbed myself a Virtual Boy (with Mario’s Tennis, box as bad as it is, and manuals for both).

And present to myself number two was Tales of Phantasia CIB for the Super Famicom. I plan to get the Retron 5 when it comes out, so Famicom and Super Famicom games will start getting added to my collection as I find them. Basically, I wanted to grab this before someone else decided to (Since I’m a big fan of the series).


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