Fire Red Nuzlocke Part 7

Day 18:

(Traded with girlfriend, who is on her own Nuzlocke on Leaf Green, to evolve Haunter and Graveler)

Alright, Time to head for Cinnabar Island. Route 19 first encounter is a Tentacool nicknamed ‘Yama’ and Benched.Somehow I totally missed Route 20, i fainted whatever that was without even noticing the route change. Seafoam Island first encounter is a Psyduck, nicknamed ‘Gargwa’ and benched. This place is pretty simple, just drop all boulders down any nearby holes and walk on through.

Finally at Cinnabar Island. There appears to be a Lab here, so lets go give them all these fossil’s I’ve been lugging around. Dome Fossil revived into a Kabuto, nicknamed  ‘Ukanlos’ and benched. Old Amber revived into Aerodactyl, nicknamed ‘Fatalis’ and benched. Alright, Gym time……are you kidding me, you lost the gym key in the burned down mansion? why would you lose something so important, and why in there? Let me guess, I have to go get it as some kind of trial, don’t I? Fine, bu I’m kicking your butt when I get back. Pokemon mansion first encounter is a Grimer, nicknamed ‘Gigginox’ and benched. Man, why do all these doors still work, this is annoying. So I fell off a ledge and wound up in the basement, but at least I found the key, time to get out of this place, I’m sick of all the ash. I’m gonna go rest and shower, and tomorrow the seventh badge is mine.

Day 19:

Fire Gym Time, Blaine’s 4 Pokemon all one shot, each by Barioth’s Surf. Found Bill waiting outside, he took me to One Island and told me to take a meteorite to Two Island. These Islands have stupid names, how many are there……lets rename them. One Island is now Ichishima, Two Island is now Nishima. Well, it’s still One Island and Two Island, but at least this sounds less stupid….ha.ha. moving on let’s explore Ichishima. Kindle Road first encounter is a Persian, nicknamed ‘Lunastra’ and boxed. Awesome, I found a nice relaxing hot spring to take a break in and the maker gave me an HM for rock smash. Mt Ember first encounter is a Machop, fainted cause I was being dumb and acting like it was a battle. Took the boat to Nishima, Bill’s friend was nowhere to be found but a guy was looking for his daughter who ran away on Sanshima. Cape Brink first encounter is a Fearow, nicknamed ‘Gravios’ and benched. Sanshima is overrun with dumb bikers, I chased them away like the loser gang they are, not even Team Rocket level.

Day 20:

Apparently the girl is in a Berry Forest. Bond Bridge first encounter is a Pidgeotto, nicknamed ‘Espinas’ and benched. Berry Forest first encounter is a Hypno, nicknamed ‘King Shaka’ and benched. Well, the little girl was at the very end of Berry Forest, no surprise, being attacked by a Hypno. Hypno, who lures children away and eats their dreams. I saved this girl’s life. Then delivered her and the meteorite Boll asked me to deliver. Best Trainer ever right here folks. Now back to Bill. Back to Kanto, guess we can’t visit the rest of the islands until later. Well, still one gym left so lets head that direction. Route 21 first encounter is a Horsea, nicknamed ‘Cephadrome’ and benched. Hey, look at that, Vermilion’s Leader is finally here. . Well crap, I lost Basarios to a Machoke’s revenge. I’m going to have to switch him out, perhaps for Nidorino. Giovanni is the leader, I already kicked his butt twice, this will be no different.


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