Atari 2600 Friday’s #6 – Demons to Diamonds

We have another round of Atari Friday’s coming your way. This week’s fortune cookie revealed ‘Demons To Diamonds’.

The Story: According to the game box itself, you are at a cosmic carnival where a non stop talk demon challenges you to a new game. You control a moving laser base which changes the demons into either a diamond or a skull. Collect the diamonds to score points, but watch out for the skulls.

From the Manual: “You and your best friend are spending a super Saturday at the Cosmic Carnival. So far you’ve done all the usual things. Now you’re restlessly looking around for a new thrill–something exciting and different, some competitive skill sport. Suddenly you hear a taunting voice coming from the vicinity of Target Skill Gallery. “Whoa, let’s see what that’s about!” you say as you make a sharp left and jog off in the direction of the high pitched speech. The non-stop voice belongs to a squat, two-food tall demon parading back and forth in front of a huge, vertical shooting range. “Hey you!” squeaks the demon, pointing directly at you. “Would you like to command a laser base? Like to hit targets and score points? Are you looking for fun, excitement–a game in which you must dodge danger? We are the demons and we dare you to try your laser-sharpshooting skills on us! We’re full of surprises. We sidestep all over the shooting range. We yak at you until you shut us up. We change into new target forms– precious diamonds or deadly skulls. Hit a diamond and you’ll score a small fortune in bonus points. But beware of skulls! “So come on, reach for your laser, exercise your trigger finger on us. Put us through our paces and we’ll dazzle you with demonic tricks!””

From the Box: “At the Cosmic Carnival a squat, non stop talk demon dares you to play a new target game. You control a moving laser base. You aim and fire at demons who parade back and forth in front of you. Whenever you hit a demon it changes into a diamond or skull. Shoot a diamond to score precious points. But watch out for those skulls – they’re deadly! Play alone or against an opponent.”

The Game Play: For this game, we have to use the paddle controllers. Use the paddle to move the base left and right, and press the button to fire the laser. You can control how far the laser goes by holding the button for longer or shorter. The demons appear at different rows and cross the screen. We only want to attack the demons that are the same color as our base, this is how we get diamonds. If we attack the other colors they transform into skulls that can shoot back. The skulls are invincible, but eventually disappear. The player gets five lives to collect as many diamonds as they can.

The Controls: Paddle controllers for left right movement, red button to fire laser.

Post Review: So the story is basically an evil alien carny trying to get you to play his game. Well, the game play sounds simple enough at least. The game is as simple to control as it sounds, side to side movement, and a laser length controlled by holding the button. the demons move pretty slowly at first, but do increase in both movement and spawn speed over time. It took me a bit to figure out what the diamonds were. The diamond appear on the side of the screen and move across the screen like the demons do, appearing on whatever level and side the demon you killed appeared on. The other thing I notice is that when I shoot the wrong color into a skull, I almost always get hit instantly. Seemingly on of the better games on the 2600, definitely go try it out.

The High Score: 1375


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