Atari 2600 Friday’s #8 – Football

Sorry about last week to whoever reads these, I know someone does. I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have much time due to work (I’m one of those people who goes to work even when sick, or more accurately I started feeling bad midway through one day and felt 80% better by the next day), so I ended up deciding postpone this a week at the last minute until I was feeling up to it again.

This weeks fortune cookie presented us with Football. I usually avoid sports games, but I have this and the fortune cookie revealed it, so lets get on with this.

The Story: I’m hoping we all know what American Football is, and there’s no story so lets get right to how we play.

From the Manual: Doesn’t really give any info besides how to play and the Plays themselves.

From the Box: Also gives no info other than player number which controller to use.

The Game Play: Like real sports there is a timer that counts down during plays, initially set at five minutes. The arrow under the timer indicates which player is on the offense also pointing at their score, in the picture below, purple would be first. The green number next to the score is a down indicator, while the blue line is the down line. The question mark is a reminder to choose your play, and will disappear for the play when you have done so. As in real football you have four downs to get to the next line, then another four downs, etc until touchdown. To tackle a player you need only move your characters in his way and touching him to stop his forward motion. There are five offensive and five defensive plays, which you pick by holding the button and tilting the joystick in a direction, button only to punt. You can also control a character, offensive player controls the ball carrier and can pass, defensive play controls the defensive back. All offensive plays can be pass plays except punt, passes must be made behind the scrimmage line. To punt, push the red button and when the play starts, press it again to kick the ball. I’m also going to include some pictures from the manual of the plays, because it’s better than trying to describe them.

The Controls: Direction on the joystick to pick a play, red button for a punt play. Can also use joystick directions to control characters.

Post Review: Well, it’s a two player only game, no single player mode. So you’re going to have to do with that. Since there is no AI to play against and I’ll most assuredly lose to ANY human opponent. But hey, you should know how to play now.


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