Atari 2600 Friday’s #16 – Swordquest: Fireworld

I’m going to backdate some things here. Because if I don’t get cause up here, who knows if I ever will, or if I’ll abandon this whole thing and I’d rather not do that. I just got too busy with Christmas.

The Story: Fireworld is the second of four worlds you must travel through on your quest for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery.

From the Manual: “Welcome to FireWorld. You may have already traveled through EarthWorld and succeeded in solving the EarthWorld puzzle. FireWorld is the second in a series of four worlds that you must pass through on your quest for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery. You enter FireWorld as a mighty warrior. Your skill and courage will be tested with dangerous trials and obstacles. The object of the game is to solve the puzzle. The FireWorld puzzle is based on the Tree of Life, with ten rooms linked together by ten rooms with doorways. FireWorld has ten treasure chest rooms, some containing different magical objects. These objects will help you on your journey through FireWorld. Carrying particular objects will help you find clues. Before you can explore these rooms, you’ll be called on to demonstrate certain skills, just as Torr and Tarra are tested in the FireWorld comic book. As a warrior, your skills are important to conquering FireWorld. To help you on your quest, you will be armed with the FireWorld comic book which contains additional clues. Some clues will come from a combination of both the comic book and the Game Program cartridge. These clues will refer back to the enclosed comic book and hint at the solution to the FireWorld puzzle. You have just leaped into the blazing flames of FireWorld – see if you can survive and triumph!

From the Box: “Study your comic book before leaping into the blinding, fiery world below the earth. Search for clues, and 16 magical objects to solve the mysterious puzzle for valuable prizes.”

What the comic’s about: The evil wizard Konjuro watches the twins as they travel through Fireworld. The first part of the comic is a flash back to the twins teenage years when their guardians were killed. The twins argue and split ways, after which they remember the talismans and talk to the good wizards who sent them on this journey and learn about the ‘Chalice of Light’, the object of this games contest.

The Game Play: Once again, if you read through the previous Atari Friday about Earthworld, then you know the whole point of these games was the Swordquest contest. Using the included comic with the game to find the secret words, to enter. Fireworld is based on the Tree of Life and only has 10 rooms total, with 16 objects you need to use to solves all the puzzles and get the clues. This game requires you to get the Chalice to enter a  secret room at the center of the Tree of Life. Otherwise this is the same deal as Earthworld, use the objects in different combinations in different rooms to get clues. Go through the action sequences between rooms to get the objects. I scanned through the comic, and it feels like Fireworld would follow it less than Earthworld followed it’s comic, but it might still provide some clues and you do need it to locate the words for the contest.

The Controls: Fireworld plays exactly the same as Earthworld. The controls are simple, obviously up/left/right/down/diagonally makes the character move. Pick up objects by moving over them and pushing the button. To use an object go to the bottom of the screen, position your cursor over the object, and press the red button.  You have to be in a room to leave an object. You move through doorways by going to them and pressing the button.

Post Review: Coming Soon. Once again, planning this whole thing where my group plays through all three of these.


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