Atari 2600 Friday’s #17 – Swordquest: Waterworld

Once again, back dating this to get caught up from Christmas. I really didn’t want to back date these, but I need to get them out of the way if there is going to be any attempt at all to keep things in order.

The Story: The Story: Earthworld is the first of four worlds you must travel through on your quest for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery. Although I’m going to note here that the fourth game Airworld does not exist, it along with WaterWorld’s and all future Swordquest contests were cancelled due to Atari being sold to new owners.

From the Manual: “WATERWORLD is the third in a series of four individual contests comprising the ATARI SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE. The ultimate objective in the WATERWORLD contest is the jewelled Crown, made at a cost of $25,000. To win that Crown, you will have to pass certain tests of dexterity and cleverness – in both the video game and the accompanying comic book. Your goal in the WATERWORLD game cartridge is to discover the seven “numerical clues” that will refer you to the appropriate page and frame number of the accompanying comic book. There you must look artfully for “word clues” to send to ATARI on the enclosed SWORDQUEST CHALLENGE entry form. Not all the numerical clues are valid. Three are decoys. A careful poetic reading of the comic book is required in order to obtain information that will be helpful in selecting the valid word-clue answers from the false ones.”

From the Box: “Join the SwordQuest Challenge. Dive into the depths of Waterworld and search for clues to win the Grand Prize of the WaterWorld contest — a jewel-encrusted Crown made at a cost of $25,000. Capture the Crown and compete for the Sword of Ultimate Sorcery — a silver-bladed sword made at a cost of $50,000. You’ll need expert hand-eye coordination to navigate the school of octopi, the sea of sharks, and the fast-moving ice floes that block your journey. You’ll also need a detective-type mind to figure out the numerical clues of this adventure-puzzle game, and to decipher the clues in the accompanying comic book.”

What the comic’s about: The twins land in Waterworld, and are separated almost immediately. Tarra swims to the surface and is on the ice floes, Torr almost drowns tangles in seaweed only to be attacked by an octopus. Tarra thinks Torr dead as a skeleton floats to the surface with his armor stuck to it. The twins struggle onward ever watched by the evil wizard Konjuro as they seek the Crown of Waterworld.

The Game Play: Waterworld like the other games is based on a theme, it is based on the seven centers of chakra. Waterworld has 7 rooms in which to use the 16 objects, just remember you can only carry 6 at a time. You are going to have to use these objects to gain the clues to find the crown and the clues in the comic for the contest.  Apparently this time the game gives you hints for which objects are used where, never misleading you, but they can be confusing as certain objects supposedly have dual purposes. Since these games are almost all identical there isn’t a whole lot of info to give for Waterworld that hasn’t already been given for the others and you should be playing and reading these in order if you haven’t been.

The Controls: Remember, all of these games play the same with the same set of controls. Assuming you made it through the first two, this one should be a piece of cake. The games are fairly simple, just remember they are puzzle games and you should be able to work out a system for getting through them.

Post Review: Coming Soon. if you don’t know why by now, you are reading these in the wrong order. I promise to start this soon.


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