Atari 2600 Friday’s #19 – Raiders of the Lost Ark

Alright, this week we get to look at something a little more involved than your standard shooter clone. Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Glorious Indiana Jones.

The Story: Indiana Jones searches for the Lost Ark of the Covenant (no, not Halo you dumb kids, look it up and learn something).

From the Manual: “Dust off your felt hat, throw on your leather jacket, and uncoil your rawhide whip – you’re going on the greatest treasure hunt of your life! Put away the glasses and three-piece suit of respected archeologist “Professor Jones,” and say hello to swashbuckling adventurer Indiana Jones* – Indy to your friends. Your mission: Find the fabled Lost Ark of the Covenant. The Lost Ark. A dazzling treasure covered by a sheet of shinig gold, the Ark was used by the ancient Hebrews to carry stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. According to the Bible, the Ark possesses extraordinary powers and is able to “level mountains” and “lay waste to entire regions.” Any army possessing it, the Bible says, is invincible. You’ve been hired by the government to find the Ark before your country’s enemies do. The only question is, where? As an expert on the Egyptian occult, you know the Ark was hidden inside a chamber called the Well of Souls in the year 980 B.C. The location of the chambe is a mystery – but there is a way to find it. Go to the secret Map Room in the city of Tanis, and, if you’re holding the right object at the right time, the location of the Well of Souls will be revealed. Of course, finding the Map Room is no easy task since Tanis was buried long ago in a sand storm that lasted over a year. You’ll need sharp wits and courage to overcome the obstacles you encounter on your way to the Ark. Armed with your wit and steel nerves, however, you can handle anything! Anything, that is, except snakes – they’ve always given you the creeps. Snakes or no snakes, though, you’ve got to find the Ark! You’re getting closer to the Ark, now. Look out! What’s that slithering out of the corner? It’s a deadly asp! Snakes! Why did there have to be snakes…?!”

From the Box: “You and Indiana Jones have a mission: Find the lost Ark of the Covenant. To find the Ark, you must travel to ancient Egypt and follow clues that lead to the Well of the Souls. Use Indy’s bullwhip and your own wits to get out of danger – and watch out for snakes!”

The Game Play: You start in the Well of the Souls with the Ark, a pedestal lowers you into the Valley of Poison and your journey begins. You’ll need to use the items you find in the Temple of the Ancients to uncover the secrets of the Map Room to find the Ark.  Be careful, you can only carry six items and you must have the right one to get the map room secret, if you already have six the new item swaps with the old. You get three lives to complete this quest. The Well of Souls can be in a different Mesa each time you play the game, good luck finding the Ark.

The Controls: So Raiders of the Lost Ark uses 2 joystick controllers. The right controller: up/down/left/right movement, walking over items picks them up automatically, red button uses selected item. The left controller: inventory control left/right, red button drops an item to the original place it was found.

Post Review: Well, I tried to play this on an emulator, which failed, trying to switch controller settings was periodically not working and sometimes resulting in auto death for unknown reasons. After hooking the 2600 to the TV (I really need to get working on finding a coax switch box) I came to the realization that I do not have a second Joystick. So unfortunately my after playing opinions are going to have to wait ;_;.


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