July 16th, 2014 Lincoln Trip Pickup

Alright, I haven’t done one of these too much lately, I got a day off from work (or rather a day moved which allowed a normal day off), so me and the gf actually had days off match up. We decided to use this to take a trip on down to Lincoln where the game stores usually have a much better retro selection thanks to all the college kids. No trip to Lincoln is complete without the mandatory visit to Ivanna Cone. We also had lunch at Lincolns brand new Ramen Shop,  AmuManu Ramen Bar. It was a fun day, I may have to use vacation time to do this more often. Anyways, on to the part of the trip you’re all here to see. What did I pick up this time….

First off, the NES carts, the part the whole trip was for. Just in case you can’t read the labels here is what they are: Taboo The Six Sense, Fester’s Quest, Star Force, Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine (edited, I honestly thought it was Xbernoid), Destiny Of An Emperor, Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends, Monster Party, Shadowgate, Kid Niki, The Legend of Kage, and Wrath Of The Black Manta.

Next is a nice little miscellaneous list.  We have Gangster Town for the Sega Master System, don’t you just love the simple and sometimes childish box art they used for this system? .hack//gu for the PS2 which I have been searching for for some time now, it doesn’t have the manual but I give up at this point. Demolition Man and Metal Combat, both for the Super Nintendo. Finally the three Atari 2600 games I grabbed: Alien, Plaque Attack, and Space Shuttle. I promise to get back on the play reviews eventually. Whats even better is that they were really nice enough to include this highly desirable collectible item soon to be worth a ton of money…….a Blockbuster shopping bag! yeah, I know you wish you had one too.

And now we finally hit the end of this adventure with the few non game goodies. only two this time. Simply a Playstation One (possibly 2, it did even have a PS2 console manual inside of it) Console Bag, and the Donkey Kong Jenga game I’ve been keeping an eye out for.


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  1. it was certainly an awesome day ^_^ And all of the games worked XD lots of good times and good games! <3

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