Atari 2600 Friday’s #26 – Sky Jinks

Sorry about missing a week or two there. One Friday was spent Amiibo hunting. and another, with a friend game hunting. So this week we are going to do something a little more unique than ‘insert random shooter here’ from one of my recent pickups.

The Story: The short of it it that it sounds like a Stunt Plane Air Race, with Balloonists in the way due to a psycho of a rival.

From the Manual: “Pre-flight jitters? Dumont got you edgy? Settle down. You’ll do just fine. But, please read this manual before takeoff. It’ll help put your nerves on autopilot, and give you some real pointers on piloting to victory and the coveted Thompson Trophy.”

From the Box: “What a beautiful day for the World Championship of Air Races. But, alas! Your mortal enemy, dastardly Dumont Doolittle, has cunningly arranged for a hot air balloon rally to float directly across your flight path. Don’t let Dumont’s high jinks keep you grounded! Gun your P41 to full throttle. Zoom across the lush, green fields. Careen precariously around pylons. Shave the very tips of trees, and snicker in delight as you dodge those bothersome balloonists. Eat your heart out Doolittle! The Thompson Trophy is within reach – as you soar under the clouds, and up, up into the record books with – Sky Jinks by Activision!”

The Game Play:  You have to fly around the Pylons to the end of the course as fast as possible without crashing. Fly to the right of red pylons and to the left of blue pylons. you get a 3 second penalty for missing a pylon. The number above the timer is how many pylons you have left. The number left at the end of a race is how many pylons you missed. Apparently the fast you go the higher you plane goes affecting the shadow so you can tell how fast you are going. Your plane will also accelerate into curves and wont react immediately when turning. All designed for more realism.

The Controls: Left will bank the plane Left and Right will bank Right. The red button is your throttle. up and down do nothing.

Post Review: The pylons in my play seemed to always alternat red and blue, so you know ahead of time which way to go next. Helpful because some are placed very far apart and you have to go slow to get there and around it without crashing into the pylon. Speaking of which, every crash causes you to spin out a little. Just remember to not go full throttle the whole way and it’s pretty easy to make it to the end with every pylon. From there it will be just practice makes perfect, A simple fun game.

The High Score: 38’33”

This is one of the Atari games where you could beat the score to receive a Patch.

“If you beat a time of 37.0 seconds on Game 1, without missing any pylons, you can join our Activision “Sky Stars.””


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