Atari 2600 Friday’s #30 – Venture

I’m always happiest when I get to a game that I know absolutely nothing about. There are two versions of Venture. A red label cart and the Coleco cart, I have the Coleco cart.

The Story: We have a hero named Winky, who heads into a dungeon in search of treasure. A hero who takes only a bow and arrow as his weapon, no sword or shield nothing else. How will this turn out…

From the Manual: “Mysterious Disappearances!

Authorities Baffled


Over the past few weeks, several professional treasure hunters have disappeared while exploring a dungeon reputed to house the most priceless treasures in the world. The only known survivor has returned with stories of monsters who eliminate anyone who dares enter the dungeon’s halls and complex labyrinth of chambers. But authorities are not taking such reports seriously.

“We have no rational explanation for these disappearances,” one investigator reported. “All we know is that the brave soul who wants to claim those treasures had better be sharp. At this point, the only one I know who’s clever enough for the job is Winky(TM),” he told a crowd of would-be hunters. “Our hero should be ready with bow and arrows. Whoever or whatever is guarding those treasures is determined that no one comes out of there alive.”

From the Box: “Winky – The heroic adventurer – is off to claim the treasures that lay hidden in the depths of the dungeon. In each chamber lies a valuable prize protected by dangerous monsters. Equipped with only a bow and arrow, Winky must ward off the monsters to obtain the treasure. Use the joystick control to maneuver Winky through the halls and into each chamber. Use the control to fire arrows at monsters. If Winky is successful, he moves out and heads for another chamber…and other vicious creatures. In fact, on this treasure hunt, the more he ventures, the more he gains!”

The Game Play: You begin in a hall of chambers, each chamber holds a treasure guarded by monsters. Your goal s to get the treasure and get out alive. You can enter each chamber in any order, and are locked out of each chamber upon completion. When you enter a chamber you have to get passed the monsters and grab the treasure, you can kill the monsters first but you get more points if you kill them after gaining the treasure. Be warned though, if you touch a monster either dead or alive, you lose a life. Thats not all though, stay in a chamber too long and the unkillable hall monsters will enter the chamber to find you. There is also a tricky wall room with moving electrified walls that can only be traversed through careful timing. Conquer every room and Winky can move on to the next floor full of new and more difficult chambers.

The Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right for movement, Red Button to fire arrows.

Post Review: Winky moves pretty slow and fires arrow slowly. while the monsters more relatively fast and erratically. I was resetting a lot as nine times out of ten I would enter a room and be dead before I could react. It is pretty easy to get stuck on a wall. The hall monsters once in a chamber will home in on you and are allowed to move through walls. While issays you get more points for killing a monster after getting the treasure, I took note that killing monsters first gathers zero points, yes any is more than zero. An interesting game, and while I never know what difficulty or game mode my broken system is set to, games like this make me imagine it’s set at least a little above normal. Go ahead and try it, you might do better.

The High Score: 3200, Almost got past the first floor.


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