Atari 2600 Friday’s #31 – Carnival

The Story: A carnival shooting gallery, how fun. Can you win the prize?

From the Manual: “Step right up and prove your skill at hitting targets in this challenging carnival shooting gallery. Take aim to build up your score with careful choice of targets, but watch out for the bullet-eating ducks!”

From the Box: “Ready…aim…fire! It’s the closest thing you’ll ever find to an old-fashioned shooting galler! You’ll blast away at a wide variety of moving targets, as you test your marksmanship and skill. Track ’em down, line up your shots and fire at will, but use each bullet wisely because your ammunition is limited! How many targets can you hit before you run out of bullets?”

The Game Play: Rack up points by firing bullets at the moving targets. Targets are: Owls, Ducks, Rabbits, and Extra Bullet Boxes. Aim carefully because bullets are limited. The blue line in the screenshot is your bullet supply, which according to the manual maxes out at 40. Watch out because ucks you don’t shoot on the bottom row can fly down and eat (yes, the manual says eat) your bullets. There appear to be pipes the targets come from, you have to clear all targets and the pipes to move on to the next round. The game ends when you run out of bullets.

The Controls: Left or Right to Move the Gun. Red Button to Fire.

Post Review: I never saw the pipes the manual mentioned. But there are occasionally little + and – equations  on the top left corner for points and bullets. Make sure you only shoot the + ones of course. Also, on my second game, I’m not sure what prompted it, but the game speed increased around 2000 points, this did not happen on my third game where I reached 3080. The bullet limit is what makes Carnival fun over other shooters, also aside from the ducks that swoop down I was able to step away for two seconds to check a text message.  Carnival, a nice relaxing shooter with a twist.

The High Score: 3080


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