Atari 2600 Friday’s #32 – Yars’ Revenge

Yars’ Revenge is one of those iconic games I’m surprised didn’t come up sooner. I actually already know how to play this one, but for those of you who don’t, and those who do but may learn some new tricks anyways….lets take a look.

The Story: Aliens descended from Earth Flies fight an enemy in a far off galaxy.

From the Manual: There is actually no story in the manual for this one, it goes straight to terminology an how to play. However, the game did come with a comic. (I hope this is linked properly and in order. If not you should be able to go up a level into the album and set everything to sort by filename)

From the Box: “Journey to the Razak Solar System and help the Yars battle an evil enemy. One or Two Players. Super flies fight for their lives.”

The Game Play: I know that screenshot below looks a little confusing, so lets start with clarifying what we are looking at. The white fly ship looking thing on the left is your character. The middle mess is a safe zone from everything except spirals and you cannot shoot either. The red area is a shield, and the yellow mask on the right is the enemy called a ‘Qotile’. The first thing you need to do is destroy enough of that red shield, you cannot do anything else other than dodge enemy fire until there is a big enough hole in it. At this point cells will appear. Once you grab one the Zorlon Cannon will show up on the left of the screen and stay in line with your character. You will need to line this up with the mask icon and press the fire button, then move out of the way before you get hit. Remember that the screen wraps top to bottom and you only get four lives.

The Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right movement. Red button fires missiles normally, fires the Zorlon Cannon when it is onscreen.

Post Review: Pretty fun game. First of note is that my game mode was alternating between two levels. The half circle in the screenshot above, and one with a solid rectangle where the squares move in a ‘spiral’ pattern. The spinner weapon is fast and can be hard to dodge if caught off guard. There is also a tiny line following you throughout the level, homing in on you. As you progress through levels this line weapon moves faster, and it can be hard to spot in the middle chaos. This is something special even among shooters.

The High Score: 45143


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