Pickups for the Week of July 27th 2015

This is pretty much a mail call only week. No Game Hunting this week.

We’ll start with the games. The other Club Nintendo ‘Game & Watch Collection’ game arrived. Followed shortly by my import of Japan’s Club Nintendo Platinum Reward ‘Tingles Balloon Fight’.

Next up is the Club Nintendo Platinum Reward Mario Statue I ordered to help complete my Platinum Reward Collection.

Palutena arrived safe and sound in the mail after worries of bad packing. And finally, I spent the morning from 4 A.M. until 10 A.M. waiting in line for non other than the Dark Pit Amiibo. My first time waiting in line for an Amiibo due to it being in-store only, and it was actually quite an enjoyable experience overall. You can keep track of my Amiibo collection on it’s page.


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