Arcade Block for July

So in a slightly abrupt decision I decided to subscribe to Arcade Block at least for awhile. and continuing as long as they send stuff I’m into. Lets take a look at what was in the July box.

First Lets take a look at the card that describes everything inside. Alright, it’s looking decent so far, it seems my first month of Arcade Block is one of their double shirt months.

The ‘main’ item this month seems to be the Evolve Funko Pop Figures, I received Val. I have not played this game, but am planning to get it eventually. It will be more exciting then. Next up we have a special Variant Cover for Sonic Worlds Unite: Battles #1. This appears to be a set of side stories to the Sonic/Mega man crossover comic I collected a year or two ago. Thanks for letting me know this exists Arcade Block.

This block also included a Cut The Rope character blind bag, so happy mine included at least one Om Nom the only character I really care about anyways. There are also some NES Cart coasters. These are made of paper like those you would receive in a bar, while cool I already have some nice Stargate coaster and am hesitant to ruin these by using them anyways.

The shirts, the actual blocks shirt is the one on the left, a caution sign for the Infected in The Last of Us which is a great game. The other shirt is apparently random, I received the design on the right below. Apparently the living room wall of Sherlock from the BBC drama. I had to look this up since I haven’t seen the show and the clip it’s from is hilarious.

The last item in the block is a CD called “Coin Op Crush”. While this was an interesting listen, it is a Rap CD. I’m not really into rap so it will probably be a one time listen for me. I am entertained by the old game background music and the cd cases Master System design.


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