Arcade Block for August

Curious whats in the August Arcade Block? I already like this one more than July. Lets take a look at the detail card.

Looks like a lot of cool stuff. The main item seems to be the Mortal Kombat Plush. Exciting, but I’ve never played or gotten into Mortal Kombat. The same can be said for Counter Strike which I have at least tried, I’m just not a Multiplayer kind of guy. I do like the Retro NES Styling of the Counter Strike Shirt even as subtle as it is.

Here is an item I am excited about. A Scott Pilgrim Video Game Soundtrack. I love Scott Pilgrim, and I love the Video Game associated with it. This is going straight into my car when I go out later today.

And another exciting item. A Fallout Pennant. This is quite exciting to me as I await the Fallout 4 loot crate. I have both the PC Anthology and 4 preordered.

And the last two items. Not as interesting, but still cool. I wristband I can only assume is also Scott Pilgrim related (feel free to correct me if I am wrong), due to what looks like a Sex Bob-omb logo and the Scott Pilgrim Live Action Movie font. There is also a preview of a  Retro Gaming Magazine honoring Metal Gear.

I can’t wait to see what is in next months Arcade Block which seems like it’s going to be Zelda Themed according to an enclosed advertisement in this months Block.


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