Atari 2600 Friday’s #36 – Dig Dug

Are we digging to China? So I missed last week I got a sore throat, and after a day of that I had a severe headache and running nose and a cough which has persisted to even now. I pretty much did nothing but sleep through my last weekend and need this weekly enjoyment to relax a little. So lets dig to China in a game I love to play on any kind of console.

The Story: You are a Miner of the quest for buried treasures. Treasures in the form of Vegetables. But watch out, all manner of underground monster wants to eat you.

From the Manual: “You are Dig Dug, the underground miner. With your jet-powered shovel, you create intricate, subterranean mazes. Ever on the watch for vegetable prizes, you must also look out for the fierce Fygar(tm) and mean Pooka(tm) that lurk underground. Their touch kills| Worse, these two meanies can transform into spooky ghosts that will appear out of nowhere and haunt you to death. Use your Joystick Controller to dig through the earth in this one-player game. Your objective: Destroy the meanies who lurk below and uproot the prized produce. Destroy meanies by using the fire button on your controller to pump them up until they burst or by drooping boulders on them. To get the valuable vegetable, dig to it as soon as it appears and cover it completely by moving Dig Dug over it. Each round is completed when you destroy all the meanies or when the last one escapes. The game ends when you lose all your lives.”

From the Box: “Create your own maze as you tunnel fearlessly through the earth. Your goal: Reap tasty vegetables worth healthy points. Your enemies: ghosts who want to bury you alive, fierce fire-breathing dragons, and mean ballooon-like bullies! Can you dig it? Here’s the exciting home version of the celebrated coin-op original!”

The Game Play: You dig tunnels through the earth to get where you want to go. You move in the direction you move the joystick. You dig automatically as you move. To defeat an enemy press the red button to pump them full of air. If you dig under a rock, watch out because it will fall and crush anything under it. When there is only 1 enemy left, it will run for the top left of the screen to escape. Either this or killing all enemies ends the round and begins a new round. You start with 5 lives and can earn new ones, the first at 20,000 points and then another for each additional 50,000 points, up to a maximum of 8 lives. Keep in mind that the game will periodically speed up.

The Controls: Up/Down/Left/Right movement.  Red button to attack.

Post Review: I don’t have much to say here. I love Dig Dug, it’s easy, fun, and you can just play for extended periods of time on one game. I should note that one thing to watch out for is enemies that are on top of each other. and that you get more points for killing enemies further down the screen.

The High Score: 36130


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