Atari 2600 Friday’s #38 – Sky Diver

I’m a little disappointed this one is so simple, But we have to get games like this out of the way eventually so here goes….

The Story: There is literally no story given here. I guess they decided Sky Divers didn’t need any kind of story or description. Well, this is a 2 player game, so feel free to make up any exciting story you want with your friend as to why your are competing.

From the Manual: Nothing written in the manual. There’s a first time for that.

From the Box: Once again, this is one of those games where the back of the box is pretty blank.

The Game Play: Your entire goal is to land the Sky Diver on the drop zone. This appears to b 2 player only, no single player at all. I played this once with Obsessive Compulsive Gamer. You fight against the wind and each other to land on the target and score the most points. There is a wind sock at the bottom of the screen that tells you which direction the wind is blowing. You have 9 jumps to score the most points.

The Controls: Red Button releases Diver from Plane. Pull Back on Joystick to open the parachute. Left/Right to steer against the wind.

Post Review: A fun competitive multiplayer game. It could have done with an AI to face off against solo, but it’s good non the less. I don’t think anyone will have any trouble finding a player two. So harken back to the days of splitscreen multiplayer, and have some fun.


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  1. As simple as it was, it was still challenging and fun. One of my best childhood memories is with this game. My mom and dad were playing and my siblings and I were watching (waiting our turns) and it just dawned on me that after the men jump out of the plane, before the parachute opens, they “flail” their arms and legs in the classic cartoonish way of trying to fly. I found this hilarious and started laughing uncontrollably. That made my mom giggle some while asking what I was laughing at but not enough to mess up her playing. Through tears and laughter i finally got it out even adding the “screams” I imagined with it. Soon we were all laughing so hard that I was laughingly “banished from the room” with my brother commanded not to let me back in until I had stopped. Nope, I couldn’t completely stop. I would stop, but then as soon as I walked back in and saw the screen I would laugh again. I was weeks or months before I could control it enough to play again and to this day I giggle when I think about it. :)

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