Arcade Block for September

I was waiting for this Arcade Block to arrive since it was advertised to have a Legend of Zelda Theme, so shall we take a look at what goodies it has included…

As usual, here is the preview card.

Now, the main item of this arcade block is the Wind Waker T-shirt, and this is probably the first shirt I’ve received that I am truly excited about. It’s something I quite enjoy and has a great design too.

Next up, here is a goomba plush, it’s about 4″ tall. It seems it was random between a Goomba and a Boo. I’ve been wanting the boo so that would have been nice to get, but the goomba is awesome too. Also included is a nice quality Zelda shield keychain, you can never show of your loves enough.

Galak-Z is a game I have never heard of let alone played, and I also do not have a record player so I can’t do anything with this one. The Dashboard cuccoo is something I will place in my car someday when I have a nicer one, it’s no hula Zelda but it’ll do.

The last item is probably my favorite out of any block so far, a Link pulling the master sword canvas print. At it’s 7″ or so size it’s great to hang anywhere. Overall, I’m very pleased and think I have become a fan of these themed blocks.


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