Atari 2600 Friday’s #39 – Frogs and Flies

This week we feed a hungry frog, is it Frogger?

The Story: I guess frogger got hungry after crossing that road to get home. There doesn’t really seem to be a story beyond a hungry frog, but we can imagine it’s frogger can’t we?

From the Manual: “The object of the game is to make frogs catch flies. Points are won by manipulating a frog so that he jumps off a lily pad and scoops up flying insects with a flashing tongue. Jump him too late and you’ll miss. Jump him too far and he’ll land in the pond. you’ll have to wait for him to swim back before trying again. Day & night action. Catch more flies than an opponent. Or beat your own top score!”

From the Box: “For 1 or 2 players. Play for top score or against somebody else. Day or night action. Running scores displayed. Score points by catching flies on the fly with frog’s flashing tongue! Two skill levels. Both players do not have to use same skill level. Adults can give little kids a break! Fun sounds include “splash” when frog falls in the pond, “happy croak” when flies are caught, various “bird calls” and “cricket” sounds when game is over.”

The Game Play: You have two frogs on two lilypads, make them jump to catch flies. Each game lasts 3 minutes, you can tell a game is near its end when the sky changes from day to night. Make your frog jump with the joystick and then press the red button when near a fly to catch it with your tongue. Don’t fall in the pond or you will have to wait for your frog to swim back to the lilypad. There are two  interesting features in Frogs and Flies; whenever a frog is inactive for 5 seconds, the game takes over and controls it, and you can also give each player a different difficulty level to make it fair for kids.

The Controls: 8-Direction movement, hold joystick to make frog jump higher. Red button for tongue.

Post Review: It’s a little hard to aim the frog, which can be taken care of with some practice. The fly has to be in front of you a little bit, right in front of your face is too close and the tongue only reaches about an inch. the flies can change direction. Another one of those interesting competitive games.

High Score: 26


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