Atari 2600 Friday’s #43 – Skiing

At least there’s no abominable snowman….right? there’s no abominable snowman right? guys?

The Story: Skiing, as close as you can get to the real thing….and NO abominable snowmen.

From the Manual: “Now you can ski all year long without worrying about tight boots, cold hands, long lift lines–or whether it snows! Skiing by ACTIVISION challenges you with a wide variety of slalom and downhill runs, designed for everyone from amateur to pro. Even if you’ve never been on a pair of skis, you can be a champion skier with Skiing by ACTIVISION. Read these instructions to find out how to make record-breaking runs without getting wrapped around a tree or crashing into a gate.”

From the Box: “For one daring skier at a time. Step into your skis and defog your goggles. A wide variety of slopes – from gradual warm-up runs to high-speed Olympic thrillers – lies in wait, with never an icy patch or exposed rock to worry about. You can ski all day (or night) without getting frostbite, and you never have to wait in a lift line! See if you can get through the slalom gates in record time. Learn to jump the treacherous moguls and dodge the trees hurtling by as you race downhill. Whether your an experienced snow skier or just someone who’s always wanted to try, Skiing by Activision is as close as you can get to the real thing – without leaving the comfort of your home.”

The Game Play: Games 1-4 and 6-9 will always be the same every time, games 5 and 10 will be randomized each time you start up the game. To start skiing, move the joystick. Tap it left and right to change direction left and right all the way to horizontal. You will move fastest when your skis are pointed straight down. Slalom: Run through the gates as fast as possible, try not to hit anything or you will lose time getting back up. In slalom mode, the red button resets you to the top of the course. Downhill: Race down the hill as fast as you can, no gates to worry about. Red Button will not reset you in downhill mode and instead makes you jump.

The Controls: Joystick Left/Right to tip skis and change direction.

Post Review: It’s about what you’d expect from Atari 2600 Skiing. It is actually pretty good and feels like an early version of SkiFree, Look that up too if you don’t know what it is. Slalom was dead on. left and right alternations to get through the goals. You can move further to the side by tilting more. There really isn’t a whole lot to say here, the screenshot describes it better than any text wall can.

High Score: Slalom Course ? – 35.59

Skiing was one of the games that you could win a patch by sending in a screenshot of fast times. “To qualify, you must run slalom course 3 (Game 3) in under 28.2 seconds.”


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