Arcade Block for January

I haven’t done one of these for the last few but I wanted to do one for this month. so here we go, lets see what was in this month’s box…

Alright, so there is the card describing everything in the box, but lets go ahead and take a closer look…

The big ticket items in this box are…. The Mortal Kombat Bobble heads, an exclusive blood splattered Scorpion, And the Street Fighter 5 T-shirts. I’ve actually never played Mortal Kombat before so that doesn’t mean much to me right now, but I’m super digging the Street Fighter 5 Tee and super happy I got Ryu. I just looks super cool and have already had people asking where I got it.

We’ve also got this Poke-ball Beanie Hat, great because I was looking for another more light weight beanie anyways. A cool Portal metal ‘Safety First’ sign to hang up in those dangerous areas, courtesy of Aperture Labs.

They were even kind enough to bring us a Mario themed rubix cube so we could stay smart enough to pass all those puzzles, and a Metroid Morph Ball stress ball to help keep us from rage quitting.


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