Arcade Block for February 2016

This is a very exciting Arcade Block, so much cool stuff in this one.

First the Card of explanations:

Alright, the Item alone on the front is always the big item, this month is a Sonic the Hedgehog Tumbler. I like the old 2D games, but not really the newer ones, I’m no Sonic fanatic. The Tumbler is neat, but probably wont replace my normal Monster Hunter one. The Other Big item is always the Shirt. This month they have super cool Original Pokemon Starter Evolution Shirts. I’m not sure if these are random or everyone gets the same shirt, but if the Multi-choice items are indeed random, I always seem to get the option I’d like best. So happy with my Char-family shirt.

Nest up we have the Mushroom and Pipe Salt and Pepper Shaker set. They aren’t very large and probably won’t hold much of either, but easily spice up any gamer themed kitchen. We also get to enjoy The Bit.Trip Collection, containing a number of games and the soundtracks that go with them.  What games you ask? I redeemed the steam key they gave us (you can see it blacked out on the info card above) rather than open the disc for now…We get: Beat, Core, Fate, Flux, Runner and Void…That’s six Bit.Trip games.

We have some of those display only items in this block too. First up is another kitchen item, a Twilight Princess World Map Tea Towel. I’ve yet to open mine up and really look at it, but lets just say that rather than a tea towel, Arcade Block has given us a Cloth Hyrule Map, so go ahead and use it as a towel if you want, or frame it and hang it up. It’s all up to you. Finally at the end of our adventure there is also the Rupee in a box. Could be cool the put an LED under it and light it up, or it seems Arcade Block has a #arcadeblockchest hashtag for filling the box with whatever and sharing it with the world. Go ahead, be original, be cool, be dirty, fill your box with whatever is precious to you and then hide it away for safekeeping.


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