Amiibo Checklist

P = Preorder
U =Unopened, In Possession
O= Opened, Second Amiibo


Wave 1:
***Donkey Kong
***Wii Fit Trainer
Wave 2:
***Diddy Kong
***Little Mac
***Captain Falcon
Wave 3:
  **Rosalina & Luma (Target)
  **Lucario (Toys R Us)
***Toon Link
***Shulk (Gamestop)
***Mega Man
**   King Dedede
**   Meta Knight (Best Buy)
Wave 4:
***Ness (Gamestop)
  **Jigglypuff (Target)
  **Greninja (Toys R Us)
Wave 5:
***Palutena (Amazon)
  **Dark Pit (Best Buy)
***Zero Suit Samus
***Dr. Mario (Target)
  **Bowser Jr. (Toys R Us)
Wave 6:
  **Mii Fighter 3 Pack (Toys R Us: Fighter, Brawler, Gunner)
***Falco (Best Buy)
***Retro Pack (Gamestop: R.O.B., Duck Hunt and Mr Game & Watch)
Wave 7:
***Roy (Gamestop)
  *   R.O.B. Japan Famicom Coloring (U.S.)
  • Super Mario Series:
***Mario (Mario Party 10 Bundle)
**   Silver Mario
**   Gold Mario (Walmart)
  *   Wario
  *   Rosalina
  *   Donkey Kong
  *   Waluigi
  *   Daisy
  *   Diddy Kong
  • Splatoon Series:
  *   Inkling Boy (Blue)
  *   Inkling Girl (Orange)
***Splatoon 3-Pack (Blue Boy/Orange Girl/Green Squid)
***Callie & Marie 2 Pack
  *   Inkling Boy (Purple)
  *   Inkling Girl (Green)
***Splatoon 3-Pack (Purple Boy/Green Girl/Orange Squid)
  • Yoshi Wooly World:
***Green Yarn Yoshi (Yoshi’s Wooly World Bundle)
  **Pink Yarn Yoshi
  **Light Blue yarn Yoshi
  **Mega yarn Yoshi (Toys R US)
  *   Yarn Poochi
  • Kirby Series:
***King Dedede
***Meta Knight
***Waddle Dee
  • Super Mario Maker:
  **Mario: Classic Color
   *   Mario: Modern Color (Walmart, Black Friday?)
  • Skylanders SuperChargers:
         Hammer Slam Bowser
         Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
  • Animal Crossing:
***Isabelle (Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle)
  **Isabelle (Summer Outfit)
***Tom Nook
  **K.K. Slider
  *   Digby (Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle)
  **Lottie (Target)
  **Animal Crossing 3 Pack (K.K. Slider, Cyrus, Reese)
  **Mr. Resetti
***Timmy & Tommy Nook (Target)
  • Monster Hunter Stories:
         Male RR
         Female RR
  • Legend Of Zelda:
  *   BOTW Archer Link
  *   BOTW Rider Link
  *   BOTW Guardian
  *   BOTW Bokoblin
  *   BOTW Zelda
***8Bit Link
***OoT Link
***WW Link & Zelda 2 Pack
  • Other:
**   Chibi Robo (Game Bundle)
***Chibi Robo (Single – Amazon)
***Shovel Knight (Best Buy)
**   Gold Mega Man (Game Bundle)
***Wolf Link (Twilight Princess HD Bundle)
**   R.O.B. Japan Famicom Coloring (Japanese)

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