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Picked up some stuff from craigslist FREE!

A guy was giving away a box of gaming stuff, Had to take the whole lot, I feel it was worth it.

First Item is this Box of Atari games, mostly 2600, but there is Pole Position II for the 7200.

There was also a Commodore Vic 20 in the box, with some Vic 20 books.Not sure if the Commodore works, but I intend to find out soon.

There was a dreamcast in the bin as well, Controller works fine so now I have two, Console powerson but wont read disks. Been looking at fixes online so I’ll try one of those soon, they require a multi meter. 

Got a ps2/ps3/pc Steering Wheel. Which I can’t quite get to work right now, I need to grab a multi meter and check the power cord. From research it’s either that died or the force feedback motor whatever died which means it’s trash.

Got a bunch of random controllers, a couple good ones and a few broken third party ones (trash). Sold the 4 Atari 5200 controllers to a guy and made some money.

Got some random games as well. I’m keeping some and selling the rest. There’s also a broken Gameboy Color (Screen Smashed) and Gameboy Advance SP (looks like water damaged) in there. Also a couple PS1 memory cards, some compact flash cards.

Here is some more random junk (not all pictured here). There is a working V Smile childrens learning console with two controllers and two games, A Crayola Coloring Plug and Play thing, A Space Invaders Plug and Play (Keeping This One), A Space Invaders handheld (Keeping this if it works), RC battery charger, Broken Atari Lightgun, Random TV remotes, Random Cellphone Chargers, Couple old Headphones, Wii AV Cable, two PS1/2 Power Cables, three PS1/2 AV Cables, Some Music Router, Some kind of switch, a few coax cables, a laser mouse, There’s even some kind of collectible card game here.

Even got a few comic books.

I plan to take some of the things I don’t want to goodwill, and some of them are going to go to the local game store.

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