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Animal Crossing QR Patterns 3

It’s that time again, More QR Patterns, these ones are courtesy of my female character Kara who finally got access to  the QR machine. So enjoy this post of female clothing.

Blue 4 Blue 3

Blue 2 Blue 1

Punk 4 Punk 3

Punk 2 Punk 1

Yoko 4 Yoko 3

Yoko 2 Yoko 1

Naussica Hat Naussica 4

Naussica 3 Naussica 2

Naussica 1 Gaz 4

Gaz 3 Gaz 2

Gaz 1 Dawn 4

Dawn 3 Dawn 2

Dawn 1 May 4

May 3 May 2

May 1 Flannery 4

Flannery 3 Flannery 2

Flannery 1


Animal Crossing New Leaf QR Patterns 2

Well, I’ve done some more QR patterns, so here’s a second post of them.

Surfing Pikachu Mirror's Edge Serenity Nine Inch Nails Dig Dug Fighter Red Mage White Mage Black Belt Black Mage Thief Combine Half Life 2Dib 1 Dib 2 Dib 3 Dib 4 Red 1 Red 2 Red 3 Red 4

Animal Crossing New Leaf QR Patterns

Some Patterns I made for use in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I decided to share them with my blog in order to be a little bit more involved with it. For now enjoy these, I may do some more later on.

Chrono Trigger Spring of Recovery Chrono Trigger Guardia Crest FF6 Opera Scene LOZ Tunic Part 1 LOZ Tunic Part 2 LOZ Tunic Part 3LOZ Tunic Part 4 Megaman E-Tank Mog Riding a Chocobo Glenn aka "Frog" Treasure Chest Charizard

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