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Arcade Block for February 2016

This is a very exciting Arcade Block, so much cool stuff in this one.

First the Card of explanations:

Alright, the Item alone on the front is always the big item, this month is a Sonic the Hedgehog Tumbler. I like the old 2D games, but not really the newer ones, I’m no Sonic fanatic. The Tumbler is neat, but probably wont replace my normal Monster Hunter one. The Other Big item is always the Shirt. This month they have super cool Original Pokemon Starter Evolution Shirts. I’m not sure if these are random or everyone gets the same shirt, but if the Multi-choice items are indeed random, I always seem to get the option I’d like best. So happy with my Char-family shirt.

Nest up we have the Mushroom and Pipe Salt and Pepper Shaker set. They aren’t very large and probably won’t hold much of either, but easily spice up any gamer themed kitchen. We also get to enjoy The Bit.Trip Collection, containing a number of games and the soundtracks that go with them.  What games you ask? I redeemed the steam key they gave us (you can see it blacked out on the info card above) rather than open the disc for now…We get: Beat, Core, Fate, Flux, Runner and Void…That’s six Bit.Trip games.

We have some of those display only items in this block too. First up is another kitchen item, a Twilight Princess World Map Tea Towel. I’ve yet to open mine up and really look at it, but lets just say that rather than a tea towel, Arcade Block has given us a Cloth Hyrule Map, so go ahead and use it as a towel if you want, or frame it and hang it up. It’s all up to you. Finally at the end of our adventure there is also the Rupee in a box. Could be cool the put an LED under it and light it up, or it seems Arcade Block has a #arcadeblockchest hashtag for filling the box with whatever and sharing it with the world. Go ahead, be original, be cool, be dirty, fill your box with whatever is precious to you and then hide it away for safekeeping.


Arcade Block for January

I haven’t done one of these for the last few but I wanted to do one for this month. so here we go, lets see what was in this month’s box…

Alright, so there is the card describing everything in the box, but lets go ahead and take a closer look…

The big ticket items in this box are…. The Mortal Kombat Bobble heads, an exclusive blood splattered Scorpion, And the Street Fighter 5 T-shirts. I’ve actually never played Mortal Kombat before so that doesn’t mean much to me right now, but I’m super digging the Street Fighter 5 Tee and super happy I got Ryu. I just looks super cool and have already had people asking where I got it.

We’ve also got this Poke-ball Beanie Hat, great because I was looking for another more light weight beanie anyways. A cool Portal metal ‘Safety First’ sign to hang up in those dangerous areas, courtesy of Aperture Labs.

They were even kind enough to bring us a Mario themed rubix cube so we could stay smart enough to pass all those puzzles, and a Metroid Morph Ball stress ball to help keep us from rage quitting.

Arcade Block for September

I was waiting for this Arcade Block to arrive since it was advertised to have a Legend of Zelda Theme, so shall we take a look at what goodies it has included…

As usual, here is the preview card.

Now, the main item of this arcade block is the Wind Waker T-shirt, and this is probably the first shirt I’ve received that I am truly excited about. It’s something I quite enjoy and has a great design too.

Next up, here is a goomba plush, it’s about 4″ tall. It seems it was random between a Goomba and a Boo. I’ve been wanting the boo so that would have been nice to get, but the goomba is awesome too. Also included is a nice quality Zelda shield keychain, you can never show of your loves enough.

Galak-Z is a game I have never heard of let alone played, and I also do not have a record player so I can’t do anything with this one. The Dashboard cuccoo is something I will place in my car someday when I have a nicer one, it’s no hula Zelda but it’ll do.

The last item is probably my favorite out of any block so far, a Link pulling the master sword canvas print. At it’s 7″ or so size it’s great to hang anywhere. Overall, I’m very pleased and think I have become a fan of these themed blocks.

Arcade Block for August

Curious whats in the August Arcade Block? I already like this one more than July. Lets take a look at the detail card.

Looks like a lot of cool stuff. The main item seems to be the Mortal Kombat Plush. Exciting, but I’ve never played or gotten into Mortal Kombat. The same can be said for Counter Strike which I have at least tried, I’m just not a Multiplayer kind of guy. I do like the Retro NES Styling of the Counter Strike Shirt even as subtle as it is.

Here is an item I am excited about. A Scott Pilgrim Video Game Soundtrack. I love Scott Pilgrim, and I love the Video Game associated with it. This is going straight into my car when I go out later today.

And another exciting item. A Fallout Pennant. This is quite exciting to me as I await the Fallout 4 loot crate. I have both the PC Anthology and 4 preordered.

And the last two items. Not as interesting, but still cool. I wristband I can only assume is also Scott Pilgrim related (feel free to correct me if I am wrong), due to what looks like a Sex Bob-omb logo and the Scott Pilgrim Live Action Movie font. There is also a preview of a  Retro Gaming Magazine honoring Metal Gear.

I can’t wait to see what is in next months Arcade Block which seems like it’s going to be Zelda Themed according to an enclosed advertisement in this months Block.

Arcade Block for July

So in a slightly abrupt decision I decided to subscribe to Arcade Block at least for awhile. and continuing as long as they send stuff I’m into. Lets take a look at what was in the July box.

First Lets take a look at the card that describes everything inside. Alright, it’s looking decent so far, it seems my first month of Arcade Block is one of their double shirt months.

The ‘main’ item this month seems to be the Evolve Funko Pop Figures, I received Val. I have not played this game, but am planning to get it eventually. It will be more exciting then. Next up we have a special Variant Cover for Sonic Worlds Unite: Battles #1. This appears to be a set of side stories to the Sonic/Mega man crossover comic I collected a year or two ago. Thanks for letting me know this exists Arcade Block.

This block also included a Cut The Rope character blind bag, so happy mine included at least one Om Nom the only character I really care about anyways. There are also some NES Cart coasters. These are made of paper like those you would receive in a bar, while cool I already have some nice Stargate coaster and am hesitant to ruin these by using them anyways.

The shirts, the actual blocks shirt is the one on the left, a caution sign for the Infected in The Last of Us which is a great game. The other shirt is apparently random, I received the design on the right below. Apparently the living room wall of Sherlock from the BBC drama. I had to look this up since I haven’t seen the show and the clip it’s from is hilarious.

The last item in the block is a CD called “Coin Op Crush”. While this was an interesting listen, it is a Rap CD. I’m not really into rap so it will probably be a one time listen for me. I am entertained by the old game background music and the cd cases Master System design.

Pickups for the Week of August 3rd 2015

I wasn’t planning on picking anything up this week, but I ended up doing so anyways when the girlfriend wanted to go out and hunt since she doesn’t get to as much. We quit after our first stop which had some great stuff we couldn’t pass up. Here is what I grabbed:

First up are cartridges only, Kirby’s Adventure for Famicom and Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past for Super Famicom. For the virtual boy we have Bomberman: Panic Bomber CIB, although the box is a bit crushed. For the Neo Geo Pocket that is Del Sol 2, a slot machine game, I love my Neo Geo Pocket Color and am always happy to get new games for it. Finally we have a Gamecube Mario Party 4.

I also have a slightly early unexpected ebay mail arrival. A Chrono Trigger Sheet Music Book. I do not play any instruments, but my girlfriend does. So this is slightly for her, but mostly me because I want a Chrono Trigger collection so bad.

Pickups for the Week of July 27th 2015

This is pretty much a mail call only week. No Game Hunting this week.

We’ll start with the games. The other Club Nintendo ‘Game & Watch Collection’ game arrived. Followed shortly by my import of Japan’s Club Nintendo Platinum Reward ‘Tingles Balloon Fight’.

Next up is the Club Nintendo Platinum Reward Mario Statue I ordered to help complete my Platinum Reward Collection.

Palutena arrived safe and sound in the mail after worries of bad packing. And finally, I spent the morning from 4 A.M. until 10 A.M. waiting in line for non other than the Dark Pit Amiibo. My first time waiting in line for an Amiibo due to it being in-store only, and it was actually quite an enjoyable experience overall. You can keep track of my Amiibo collection on it’s page.

Pickups for the week of July 20, 2015

Okay, lately I have been using Ebay to work on getting some specific stuff, but lets get this started with what I have picked up this week and was has arrived in the mail so far.

First, the pickups: First of all, a local game shop had this awesome Japanese copy of Marvel Super Heroes.

Followed bu just a few Atari 2600 games and manuals. Something called Private Eye (can’t wait to review this and see what it is), Lock ‘N’ Chase (this one’s manual is a little torn in the upper right corner) and Frogs and Flies.

Now, moving on to the Ebay arrivals. First up is a very complete in box Super Famicom Chrono Trigger, it even has all the plastic wrapping.

Game & Watch Collection 2,  ordered 1 as well since I missed out on these.

And lastly, I’ve started collecting the couple of Club Nintendo Platinum Rewards I missed, here is the Pin Set.

August 21, 2014 Pac-man Board Game

Went to an antique mall the other night and picked up this glorious COMPLETE Pac-man board game. Everything is here and it looks great. I can’t wait to try playing it. I know Mr. Obsessive Compulsive who I haven’t seen in some time would love to play it. If we do get to play it, I can add to this about how much fun it is and some during play photo’s. (If you don’t know, I never record anything because I don’t have a video camera. I’d rather stick to text and photo’s anyways.) Here’s a picture of the box cover:

We did get to play this once last fall,  and I was on hiatus here so I completely forgot about it. Forgot to take any pictures too. This game rocks. It’s all the fun of Pac-man in 4 player board game flavor. Setup goes a lot faster than you would think for having so many pieces. Pac-Man is pretty fast paced, just roll your dice and move, then pass the dice on. 10/10 would play again.

August 16, 2014 Pickup

Got a few things this weekend, nothing special, but I haven’t been out in awhile so here goes.

Another batch of Atari manuals. Will be great if I ever get back to my Atari Fridays. Speaking of Which I finally found a Adventure cart, with the manuals I’ve been picking up and the box I’ve had for awhile, that one is CIB. Among the Manuals This week is the Centipede Comic, why wouldn’t I want that.  You will also notice another Famicom Cartridge, this one is called SD Gundam Knight. Apparently as is obvious, it is a game for the SD Gundam series. The one GBA cart is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team. Finally, yes, that is a Mario Galaxy Soundtrack. With some googling, It was a non-US club Nintendo Gold award. I am thinking Europe from the Spanish and French on it, but I am not 100% sure.

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