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Pickups for the Week of July 27th 2015

This is pretty much a mail call only week. No Game Hunting this week.

We’ll start with the games. The other Club Nintendo ‘Game & Watch Collection’ game arrived. Followed shortly by my import of Japan’s Club Nintendo Platinum Reward ‘Tingles Balloon Fight’.

Next up is the Club Nintendo Platinum Reward Mario Statue I ordered to help complete my Platinum Reward Collection.

Palutena arrived safe and sound in the mail after worries of bad packing. And finally, I spent the morning from 4 A.M. until 10 A.M. waiting in line for non other than the Dark Pit Amiibo. My first time waiting in line for an Amiibo due to it being in-store only, and it was actually quite an enjoyable experience overall. You can keep track of my Amiibo collection on it’s page.


Pickups for the week of July 20, 2015

Okay, lately I have been using Ebay to work on getting some specific stuff, but lets get this started with what I have picked up this week and was has arrived in the mail so far.

First, the pickups: First of all, a local game shop had this awesome Japanese copy of Marvel Super Heroes.

Followed bu just a few Atari 2600 games and manuals. Something called Private Eye (can’t wait to review this and see what it is), Lock ‘N’ Chase (this one’s manual is a little torn in the upper right corner) and Frogs and Flies.

Now, moving on to the Ebay arrivals. First up is a very complete in box Super Famicom Chrono Trigger, it even has all the plastic wrapping.

Game & Watch Collection 2,  ordered 1 as well since I missed out on these.

And lastly, I’ve started collecting the couple of Club Nintendo Platinum Rewards I missed, here is the Pin Set.

July 21, 2013 Pickup

We met with a friend we made who works at one of weekly stops. We took him to our normal places, and he showed us his (none of which I will reveal because who wants competition).¬†At our regular places I picked up a few things. what every one else found has always and will always be up to them to post. I link to all their blogs, but they don’t do finds like me. At our first stop I picked up the neat little DS key chain that actually holds four DS games, I saw it last weekend and wished I had picked it up then. At our other normal stop I picked up the NES satellite and the game covers, this is the first time they had the NES side of the receiver.

At our game store friends stops I almost picked up Bee 52 for NES, but Futzed around not knowing what we’d find at his other stops. I found nothing else and kind of regret not grabbing it then. I may go back someday, that was a good stop even for just commons to fill out my meager collection.

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