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August 23, 2014 Pickup

Now before you laugh, I did not find anything super cool amazing special this weekend. So instead I picked up what you see in the picture below.

Link’s Crossbow training is pretty much the only Zelda game I can think of that I did not own yet, and to find a complete with crossbow version like this made it a must have, especially when it’s pretty much the same price without the crossbow. F1-Race and F-zero are on my “I used to own these at one time, let’s get them back list”. I also decided to pick up three cheap Snes games. Clue because I love the movie, and it’s a fun board game. Space Ace and Shaq-Fu…..well, I don’t know if I can justify these. Tetris, because Famicom games are awesome to have.

Like I said, nothing special, just a few things I didn’t have yet.


May 11, 2013 Pickup

Nothing special this week. Picked up Jaws for Nes and Yoshi’s cookie for Gameboy. Starting to try and pick up a few Gameboy games I had as a kid I got rid of a number of years ago. I also grabbed F-1 Race for Gameboy, but that doesn’t work, physically broken pins on the board. Have to take that one back for my $3. Otherwise, my pickups are going to kind of dwindle down for awhile while I pay off Metal Warriors and some stuff. Unless I find something super special have to have.

So if I go a few weeks or something without update, that’s why.

April 3, 2013 Pickup

Every Wednesday Night we go to Dungeons & Dragons Encounters, well kind of encounters, we turned it into a home game since it was always the same people showing up and continuously playing levels 1-2 was boring, we are now at level 23. We also go to wonderful A+ Buffet in Milliard every Wednesday before gaming.

Between all of this we like to walk around the Mall or Bookstore or local game stores to kill some time. I had my in-store credit from last weeks find I dropped of at a different Gamers Saturday. So at the Milliard Gamers I looked around and I really couldn’t find much I wanted, but I picked up ‘Street Fighter II’ for Game Boy and ‘A Boy and His Blob Trouble in Blobolonia’ for NES.

I also Went to Gamestop last night to preorder Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag to get the poster (which I got), and picked up Fable 3 and BlazBlue Calamity Trigger from the bargain bin.

March 30, 2013 Pickup

Every Saturday the girlfriend, another friend and I go out to a few local stores and take a look at what they have before coming back and playing games the rest of the night. We’ve been doing this for about a month or two now. It really makes our weekends fun.

Here is what I picked up this week:

I started with a NES Game Genie at out first stop, $10 and with all the NES games we have it seemed worth it. Everyone else in town wants $17.

After that I dropped off some of Tuesdays haul at a goodwill down the street, all those phone chargers and misc cables. Following that we headed over to our next stop,where I picked up a Dreamcast Rumble Pack, Adventure Island for the NES, and a complete in box G-Loc Air Battle for Game Gear.

Following that we moved on further down the road to Gamers, where I traded in the misc av cables and games I chose not to keep from Tuesdays Haul.

Done with all of our normal stops, we headed on home, stopping at CD Tradepost along the way. Here I grabbed Laser Invasion for the NES, Bionic Commando for the original Gameboy, and three copies of Atari 2600 ET for 84 cents each bringing my total number of ET carts up to six. For those who don’t know, I’m collecting Atari 2600 ET carts.

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