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Pickups for the Week of August 3rd 2015

I wasn’t planning on picking anything up this week, but I ended up doing so anyways when the girlfriend wanted to go out and hunt since she doesn’t get to as much. We quit after our first stop which had some great stuff we couldn’t pass up. Here is what I grabbed:

First up are cartridges only, Kirby’s Adventure for Famicom and Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past for Super Famicom. For the virtual boy we have Bomberman: Panic Bomber CIB, although the box is a bit crushed. For the Neo Geo Pocket that is Del Sol 2, a slot machine game, I love my Neo Geo Pocket Color and am always happy to get new games for it. Finally we have a Gamecube Mario Party 4.

I also have a slightly early unexpected ebay mail arrival. A Chrono Trigger Sheet Music Book. I do not play any instruments, but my girlfriend does. So this is slightly for her, but mostly me because I want a Chrono Trigger collection so bad.


October 13, 2013 Pickup

Nothing super amazing.just grabbed two things I saw this Sunday while out and about.

First on is Exodus, a unlicensed Wisdom Tree NES game. The other is Double Dash, the only Mario Kart game I didn’t own yet.

Picked up some stuff from craigslist FREE!

A guy was giving away a box of gaming stuff, Had to take the whole lot, I feel it was worth it.

First Item is this Box of Atari games, mostly 2600, but there is Pole Position II for the 7200.

There was also a Commodore Vic 20 in the box, with some Vic 20 books.Not sure if the Commodore works, but I intend to find out soon.

There was a dreamcast in the bin as well, Controller works fine so now I have two, Console powerson but wont read disks. Been looking at fixes online so I’ll try one of those soon, they require a multi meter. 

Got a ps2/ps3/pc Steering Wheel. Which I can’t quite get to work right now, I need to grab a multi meter and check the power cord. From research it’s either that died or the force feedback motor whatever died which means it’s trash.

Got a bunch of random controllers, a couple good ones and a few broken third party ones (trash). Sold the 4 Atari 5200 controllers to a guy and made some money.

Got some random games as well. I’m keeping some and selling the rest. There’s also a broken Gameboy Color (Screen Smashed) and Gameboy Advance SP (looks like water damaged) in there. Also a couple PS1 memory cards, some compact flash cards.

Here is some more random junk (not all pictured here). There is a working V Smile childrens learning console with two controllers and two games, A Crayola Coloring Plug and Play thing, A Space Invaders Plug and Play (Keeping This One), A Space Invaders handheld (Keeping this if it works), RC battery charger, Broken Atari Lightgun, Random TV remotes, Random Cellphone Chargers, Couple old Headphones, Wii AV Cable, two PS1/2 Power Cables, three PS1/2 AV Cables, Some Music Router, Some kind of switch, a few coax cables, a laser mouse, There’s even some kind of collectible card game here.

Even got a few comic books.

I plan to take some of the things I don’t want to goodwill, and some of them are going to go to the local game store.

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