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July 27, 2013 Pickup

I got a good haul today in my opinion, and had a lot of fun at the same time. So here we go, Stop number 1 where our friend works, he saved me the ET cart from a seven tote buy in, this is my 7th. I also grabbed the two Dream cast games you see below, Crazy Taxi and Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram. I’ve never played either, but they look fun. Stop Number 2 is where I picked up my 8th ET cart. They got a lot of new stuff here as well this week, I grabbed Rygar and Bomber man. On the way to the register we noticed a glass case full of boxed games that was new, so I grabbed The Rocketeer, it’s just a box and the cart, but for $7 who could pass it up. Our third stop is where I grabbed Lego Racers, I’ve been looking for a decent copy to play. I love the game, I still have the jewel case for the PC version even though the CD is long gone. I’m mostly done with PC games, I can’t play the ones from 15-20 years ago without fixes that only half work, so wanting to play this again forced me to get a console version. That is my haul for this week, farewell until next time from¬†someone who is ¬†going to make himself known as ‘That Guy Who Collects ET Carts’.


April 7, 2013 Pickup

So we didn’t make it out yesterday, personal reason, but we sort of made it out today to some non-regular stops. I picked up a few things, but nothing special.

Tag Team Wrestling for NES.

Pokemon Snap and Superman, with that I now own both ET and Superman the two worst (according to the internet) games ever made.

Also managed to grab Street Fighter Monopoly for $20, from the clearance section of Barnes & Noble. I had a good weekend overall.

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