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Pickups for the week of July 20, 2015

Okay, lately I have been using Ebay to work on getting some specific stuff, but lets get this started with what I have picked up this week and was has arrived in the mail so far.

First, the pickups: First of all, a local game shop had this awesome Japanese copy of Marvel Super Heroes.

Followed bu just a few Atari 2600 games and manuals. Something called Private Eye (can’t wait to review this and see what it is), Lock ‘N’ Chase (this one’s manual is a little torn in the upper right corner) and Frogs and Flies.

Now, moving on to the Ebay arrivals. First up is a very complete in box Super Famicom Chrono Trigger, it even has all the plastic wrapping.

Game & Watch Collection 2,  ordered 1 as well since I missed out on these.

And lastly, I’ve started collecting the couple of Club Nintendo Platinum Rewards I missed, here is the Pin Set.


July 6, 2013 Pickup

Backdated because I forgot to add this one since it’s been awhile since I’d picked something up. Anyways, here it is.

So Lets begin this with a Rolling Start! Daytona USA for Sega Saturn. $4

Next I picked up something I’ve been looking for, not for very long mind you, but it was the first one I saw. Magic Sword for Super Nintendo.

Finally, Followed up by three Nes games I picked up for $3 each. Spy Hunter, Milon’s Secret Castle, and M.U.S.C.L.E.


Japanese Vampire Savior Find

Picked up a almost CIB Japanese Vampire Savior for Sega Saturn for $50.
(Going back tonight to see if the have the 4mb Ram Cart missing from the box lying around somewhere. probably didn’t know it went with, I didn’t til I looked it up after buying.)

There are just some things I would not normally go looking for or ever want, but when I see them in a store in person I just have to have them. This is one of those things.

Anyways, pics:
Vampire Savior

Edit: Got the 4mb Ram Cart free. Was misplaced off to the side from being bought in seperatly. So This is now CIB like it should be.

4mb Ram Cart

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